Our Garden Developments 2015!

Our Pre 5 garden is well on it's way to being completed!

Picture of our Pre 5 garden developments                         Pre 5 garden                   Pre 5 garden

We are aiming to have it all up and running by Spring 2016. There has been so much work put into the project, not just by staff but children, parents and members of the community too.

The initial planning stage involved everyone in the unit. Our plans and developments can be seen in our floorbook which is always available in the unit. We have had 2 'Ground Force' Days this year and we will be hoping to hold a third in the Spring to make the final touches!

The children decided on the different areas in the garden and we now have an outdoor kitchen and the 'dig pit'. Mrs Clyne will be helping the children to oil/varnish the wooden toadstools for our story circle and will also be making a 'water wall' and 'Magical den'.

The final developments will be in the form of another outdoor playhouse which will be used to encourage creativity, writing and maths outside. The children and staff will be thinking of ideas to raise some money to be able to purchase this playhouse.


We would  like to say a HUGE thank you to all those who have been involved in our Garden Project!