Independent Learning

At Port Charlotte Primary and Pre 5 independent learning is a key part of our curriculum. It enables children to drive their own learning and develops personalisation and choice as well as depth of learning.

Children in Pre 5 and P1/2 take part in weekly 'Plan, Do, Review' sessions where they plan their own learning and evaluate their success. When children reach P3 they are introduced to our 'Investigate, Create, Communicate' projects, or ICC for short, where they are able to decide on an area of interest to them linked to the current theme or topic and research it to create a planned outcome. We have a specific focus on ensuring that there is new learning taking place and children learn/practice a range of skills.

From P4 onwards, children build upon these independent learning skills by completing ICC projects every term linked to a theme/area of learning. Children will be given differentiated success criteria in order to ensure challenge. In P7 children are introduced to 'Endeavour Projects' which start in January and run through to June. Children can decide on the focus area for this project ensuring that they are ambitious. They build upon their self management skills and have to record their progress/successes.