At Port Charlotte Primary and Pre 5 we have 4 Clan groups which form part of our positive behaviour reward system. These are, Claddach, Ardnave, Saligo and Machair. The Clans are named after our local beaches and each child is a member of one of these Clans. Children will be rewarded 'clan points' for the following:

Good manners, respecting our school values, positive playground behaviour, effort, achievement, co-operative working/team work, thinking of others, determination, aiming high.

Individual children are rewarded with Clan point certificates at our weekly celebration assembly:

  • Bronze certificate = 50 clan points
  • Silver certificate = 100 clan points
  • Gold certificate = 150 clan points
  • Children can then earn 2nd/3rd Bronze, Silver and Gold certificates.
  • The individual child with the most Clan points is awarded a trophy at our end of year assembly

Each Clan has a Clan Leader (P7 child) and a Clan Second (P6/7 child) which enables these children to build upon their leadership skills. The leaders have the opportunity to choose a 'Clan Star of the Week' at our weekly celebration assembly and the Clan with the most Clan points in a week earns extra playtime! The Clan with the most points over a term earns an 'end of term treat' and the Clan with the most points over the year wins the Clan Trophy.

Every week the Clan groups are set a challenge where they have to work together to solve a problem or create an end product. Our weekly Clan Time develops a range of important skills through a 'challenge' approach and enables our pupils to be:

  • Confident Individuals who relate to others and manage themselves.
  • Successful Learners who use a range of communication skills and make reasoned evaluations.
  • Effective Contributors who work in teams to solve problems.
  • Responsible citizens who evaluate issues and respect others.


What our pupils say about the clan systems?

We like how it works and how we can build things and design things.  We like planning our trips and going on them.  We like making things to sell at our sale.  We love making our clan flags.  We like our Clan Leaders.  We like how you get clan points as a team and on your own.  We like the certificates and at the end of a term the winning clan gets to go on a trip.  The trophy is silver and awesome. (Primary 3 and 4)

My Mum likes them because it’s something what I can talk about.   (David)

What do our teachers say about Clans?

  • Very positive -it has been a godsend, definitely motivated pupils of all ages, especially some of those who find engaging in learning more of a challenge
  • It has proactively promoted high expectations for behaviour and reduced low level fussing
  • Clan Challenges support learning on all levels, particularly skills.  It would be useful to include pupil skill reviews and evaluations of challenges that they do on Fridays in their Learning Logs so that parents can see  just how much learning is taking place
  • Clans have improved pride, engagement, cooperation,  leadership skills, communication, health
  • Children are making friends for life across all classes.